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dont be ill when you are 60 plus and they are still wanting you to work you pay into the system and they still want their pound of flesh i did the merchant of venice as a fresh faced youth of 17 for my G C E S THE KEY TO THE FUTURE i was told what a load of crap that was no work no future what a country its turned into made worse by a labour goverment under tory blair oops i mean tony i work for jp morgans blair now i am 60 i can look back with fading hope to a past age of work your guts out for sod all megre pay and we are promised a better tomorrow where have i heard that before so to the young and out of work and those who carnt find a job dont worry you wil live longer and enjoy the prosperity of a nation turning on itself and you might even live to 100 and be allowed to draw a pension in this demi paradise

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